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The Ad Critic

All 4 One MetaSearch -- Multiple Sourcing Search Engine

Federal Consumer Information Center

MapQuest -- Maps & Driving Directions

The Worst of the Web

World History Archives

Shockwave -- Useful Internet Plug-Ins & Tools

Merriam-Webster Online -- Dictionary, Thesaurus and More

Columbia Encyclopedia

National Crime Prevention Council

Guide to Familiar Character Actors

Sandbox -- Fantasy Sports, Casino, Trivia, Games & More

Pet Guide -- Feeding, Care, Behavior and More -- Bargains on Music, Video and Books

Wine Lover's & Taster's Guide

Yahoo Hobby Guide

Health Central -- The best in medical and health info

Encyclopedia of Life -- Over 50,000 Plant & Animal Species

Atlantic Monthly's Word Police

Do It Yourself Network

The Onion -- News Parody

Online University

Internet Movie Database

7,000 Ad Library (1911 thru 1951)

Inexplicable Object Of The Week.

Gallery of Obscure Patents

Sports Cliché and Lingo Database

Word Juxtaposition Database

The World's Best Books

Online Movie Trivia Quiz

Pop Culture Nuggets from Yesteryear

The Anagram Genius

The Bad Fad Museum

How Stuff Works

This American Life (as featured on NPR)

Ad Age's 50 Best Commercials of All Time

The Ultimate Gadget Store

Multi-Source News Search

The Straight Dope

Persuasive WWII Poster Art

Cliché Database

Breakfast Cereal Character Guide

Click & Clack's Car Talk

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