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New movers -- those potential customers that have recently moved into your neighborhood -- have an immediate need for reliable products and services to help them settle into their new environment. Capture their attention early, and you'll not only get them in the door ahead of your competition, you'll also lay the groundwork for a long- lasting, profitable relationship with them.

FMP's exclusive Welcome Home Program is an innovative, affordable marketing campaign that utilizes a colorful, high-quality postcard that welcomes new residents to the neighborhood and invites them in to your place of business. Combined with our New Mover's Register file -- the largest and most accurate new mover file in the country -- the Welcome Home Program will drive a steady stream of customers through your door, month after month.

Simply choose from our selection of expertly-designed postcards, tell us how many new movers you'd like to reach each month, and we'll do the rest. You can even target specific demographic segments, including homeowners, affluent movers, credit card users and many, many more. Then, every month, we will use your specific list criteria to address and mail your new mover message. All you do is sit back and count the new customers responding to your offer!

One Low Price The FMP Direct Welcome Home Program can be an integral part of your long-term customer acquisition plan for just 89 cents per piece -- everything included. There are no set-up costs, monthly minimums or contracts to sign, and you can cancel at any time if not absolutely thrilled with the results.

This special 89 cent price includes:

  • New mover name and address, including two custom demographic selections (age, income, dwelling type, presence of children, etc.)
  • Your choice of 8 full-color postcard designs
  • Personal message (up to 35 words plus your logo, store location and special offer to attract new customers; we'll be happy to help with copywriting and offer formulation)
  • Complete lettershop services (includes addressing, mailing and First Class postage)

Don't miss this golden opportunity to build traffic and profits -- and get a jump on your competitors. Give us a call at (800) 995-EDGE and start your program today, or e-mail us (link to our e-mail box) for more information.

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