FMP Direct provides marketing strategy.

B2B Marketing. Business to Business – Target the most relevant prospects and sales leads.

Direct Marketing. Direct marketing effectively targets your customers, prospects and possible sales leads.

New Movers Marketing. New movers and new homeowners
mailing lists

New Homeowners Marketing.


Creative Design

Developing customer acquisition programs, cross-sell strategies, membership and retention plans, multi-media integration, creative concepts and more.


Mailing Lists and Sales Leads

Mailing Lists. Customize your mailing list and start seeing results now!


Sales Leads

Sales Leads. Create customized mailing lists to drive new customers and increase business growth.


Database Development

Database Profiling & Modeling

Database Management/Enhancement

Database Development. Gathering more comprehensive, useful data about your customers.



Printing. FMP Direct is a trusted online print broker committed to providing a high quality printing experience at affordable prices.

Mailing Services

Seamless direct mail solutions with expert knowledge and experience in project and postal planning to reduce your cost per piece.


Kids Marketing. Development a consumer for life when you market to kids.

New Movers Marketing. Target known credit card shoppers who have the financial ability to immediately purchase your services and product.

Customer Loyalty. Effective rewards program for repeat business.


Outdoor Enthusiasts

Market to Outdoor Enthusiasts. Target sportsmen across the country with help from International Sportsman's Marketing Network.


Data Cards

New Movers RegisterSM

Download the New Movers Register Mailing List Data Card

New Homeowners

Download the New Homeowners Mailing List Data Card

Access America DatabankSM

Download the Access America Databank Mailing List Data Card

Access American HomeownersSM

Download the Access American Homeowners Mailing List Data Card

Active Singles

Download the Active Singles Mailing List Data Card

Affluent Sportsmen

Download the Affluent Sportsmen Mailing List Data Card

Business Professionals at Home

Download the Business Professionals at Home Mailing List Data Card

Consumers without Credit

Download the Consumers without Credit Mailing List Data Card

Credit Cravers and Abusers

Download the Credit Cravers and Abusers Mailing List Data Card

Ethnic Households

Download the Ethnic Households Mailing List Data Card

Families with Children

Download the Families with Children Mailing List Data Card

Financial Hard Times

Download the Financial Hard Times Mailing List Data Card

General Business

Download the General Business Mailing List Data Card

Generational Files

Download the Generational Files Mailing List Data Card


Download the Homeowners Mailing List Data Card

Interests and Behaviors

Download the Interests and Behaviors Mailing List Data Card

Mail Order Buyers

Download the Mail Order Buyers Mailing List Data Card

National Credit RegisterSM

Download the National Credit Register Mailing List Data Card

New Credit AdditionsSM

Download the New Credit Additions Mailing List Data Card

Online Buyers

Download the Online Buyers Mailing List Data Card


Download the Renters Mailing List Data Card


Download the Singles Mailing List Data Card


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