International Sportsman's Marketing Network.

A subsidiary of FMP Direct.

International Sportsman's Marketing Network

International Sportsman's Marketing Network (ISMN)

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Target and Acquire New Customers

Since 1995, the International Sportsman's Marketing Network (ISMN) has helped outdoor manufacturers, retailers, outfitters, lodges and organizations of all kinds achieve marketing success. We are the first single-source marketing agency dedicated exclusively to the hunting, fishing and outdoor sporting industry.

Unlike other general advertising and marketing agencies, we are full-time specialists in outdoor marketing. Our seasoned staff is comprised of avid hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts; we know the thrill of the great outdoors first hand. Simply put, we know how to communicate to outdoor consumers because we are outdoor consumers.

ISMN's wide array of cost-efficient, customized marketing programs help you directly target your most qualified prospects, cutting through the underbrush, minimizing wasted ad dollars and maximizing your return on investment. And our unique network approach allows you to take advantage of our services on an "a la carte" basis - buying only the specific services you need, with no long-term contracts or commitments.



MW Consulting Group.

A subsidiary of FMP Direct.


MW Consulting Group

MW Consulting Group

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Helping You Grow

The MW Consulting Group was created to help businesses and organizations achieve their marketing and advertising goals. We'll create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific needs and develop advertising and marketing projects that attract new prospects and strengthen your customer base, producing new sales and profits.

Flexible Approach

We begin by producing a comprehensive marketing and media plan. We can work on retainer as your freelance marketing manager (best value) or on individual projects, depending on your needs. With our flexible approach, we can work independently or with your own in-house staff or management. We become a valued addition to your marketing team.


Improve Response

We actively monitor all of your marketing and advertising activity to reinforce these components in the market place. Always concerned about your return on investment (ROI), we'll work to refine and tailor your marketing to improve response and results.