New Mover and New Homeowner
Mailing List


newmoverPersonally welcome new movers and new homeowners to the community in an affordable, effective manner. Our New Mover list and New Homeowner list are the largest compilation of new movers information available, updated weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.


New movers are 3 times more likely to change their purchasing habits than established residents

A new mover mailing list or new homeowner mailing lists will give you prospective customers that are ready to buy and eager to start new relationships


Using the most reliable and advanced sources available we find the names and addresses of New Movers and New Homeowners that have just moved into each national zip code. Our proprietary software updates and filters our database several times monthly,
producing what we believe is the most complete, current and accurate new mover mailing list available anywhere!


For over 20 years FMP Direct has been compiling the New Movers Register SM, which identifies roughly 1,500,000 – 2,300,000 new movers monthly. The New Movers Register SM was the first national new movers file compiled exclusively from credit card companies and financial institutions. For the first time, retailers and service providers were able to target known credit card shoppers who had the financial ability to immediately purchase their services and products.


These highly responsive new movers have been joined over the years by new homebuyers, new telephone installations, utility connections, continuity club members, book and magazine buyers and other FMP proprietary sources of new mover data.

The New Movers Register SM is the largest compilation of new movers information available, updated weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.


• New homeowners change their purchasing habits more than established residents.

• Quickly contact new residents within weeks after they move.

• New homeowners spend more than $9,400 on home related products in the first year.

• Personally welcome new people to your area.

• More than 350,000 new homes are purchased each month.
• New homeowners spend 10 times more in the first 6 months at their new homes than

established residents spend in 2 years.

• Introduce yourself and invite new movers or new homeowners to visit your business and try your services.