Database Development.

Cutting costs while cutting to the customer chase.

FMP Direct offers a variety of database development services, each designed to achieve two primary goals – eliminating unnecessary mailing expenses, and gathering more comprehensive, useful data about your customers. Our services include:

Profiling & Modeling

To help boost the efficiency of your mailings, FMP Direct can generate targeted profiles of your best prospects – first, by analyzing past response and existing customer files; next, by statistically evaluating profile results. To maximize new customer acquisition efforts, we’ve developed a unique, two-stage modeling structure. Through the use of advanced modeling techniques and proven marketing strategies, we are able to target demographic clones of your preferred customer and/or response files.



In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to know as much about your customers as possible. Overlaying up to 60 data variables on your customer database, FMP Direct adds vital demographic and psychographic information to your customer records.


FMP Public Record Suppression File

Credit issuers and lenders find this service invaluable in minimizing the costs that accompany processing, mailing, collection and administrative handling. Drawing on our daily-updated national database of over 16 million bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens and foreclosures, our clients significantly reduce expenses.


Other Services

FMP Direct can also be a catalyst for your marketing efforts with services like NCOA and NIXIE processing, merge/purge, mapping, data entry, fulfillment, and much more.