New Homeowners

New Homeowners Marketing.

For over 20 years FMP Direct has been compiling a New Homeowners file, which currently identifies over 650,000 new homeowners monthly. Now is the time to reach these smart investors and new homeowners while – they are most responsive. FMP Direct continues to deliver the largest number of new homeowners available for all fifty states. This list of people who have recently purchased a home is compiled daily from deed registrations and mortgage data. Monthly new homeowner subscription programs are available.


New homeowners are 3x more likely to change their purchasing habits than established residents

FMP Direct's new mover information has been compiled nationally since 1976 and is one of the oldest compilers of new mover information and consistently has produced the largest quantity of new mover names. FMP was compiling national new mover information long before companies like Experian, infoUSA, Acxiom, Equifax, TransUnion, TRW and most others. There are over 50 new mover/new homeowner lists on the market (3,000-1,500,000 names monthly) and this number continues to increase annually with the addition of resellers.


Why market to new homeowners?


• New homeowners change their purchasing habits more than established residents.

• New homeowners spend more than $9,400 on home related products in the first year.

• More than 350,000 new homes are purchased each month.
• New homeowners spend 10 times more in the first 6 months at their new homes than

established residents spend in 2 years.