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Direct marketing effectively targets your customers, prospects and possible sales leads.

Direct marketing is a powerful way to communicate with your best prospects and customers—these targeted direct marketing efforts are necessary for planning successful direct marketing programs. Turn to FMP Direct to identify the best direct marketing strategy and gain a critical understanding about your customers and prospects and fully realize the value in your direct marketing campaigns. Expedite your next direct mail marketing database or direct marketing program with FMP Direct's wide' wide variety of marketing services.


Helping you grow

FMP Direct was created to help businesses and organizations achieve their marketing and advertising goals. We’ll create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific needs and develop advertising and marketing projects that attract new prospects and strengthen your customer base, producing new sales and profits.


Flexible approach

We begin by producing a comprehensive marketing and media plan. We can work on
retainer as your freelance marketing manager (best value) or on individual projects, depending on your needs. With our flexible approach, we can work independently or with your own in-house staff or management. We become a valued addition to your marketing team.


Improve Response

We actively monitor all of your marketing and advertising activity to reinforce these components in the market place. Always concerned about your return on investment (ROI), we’ll work to refine and tailor your marketing to improve response and results.

FMP Direct can provide you with a targeted view of your customers and prospects; giving you the direct marketing tools to create more effective, targeted campaigns.

Create an effective direct marketing plan

Acquire new customers

Gain insight into your direct marketing customer base

Leverage relationships with your existing customers

Improve customer retention

Target new direct marketing opportunities

Assist with new product marketing

Discover untapped markets and customers for your products and services with a direct marketing analysis from FMP Direct. You'll save money and increase direct mail marketing response rates by identifying your best segments—and applying those results when executing your precision direct marketing strategy. Additional advantages of taking advantage of FMP Direct's marketing resources include:


Cross-selling an in-house file

Finding niches in compiled direct mail marketing lists

Targeting high-value customers

Responding to in-bound customer inquiries

Integrated media and direct marketing

Tailoring promotions to market segments

Targeted, geo-demographic selectivity to the primary audience.

Control over timing/delivery of advertising.

Support filling in geographic/demographic gaps in your media coverage.

Individual attention with solo offers.

Flexibility to vary offers.

Cost-efficiencies through pinpoint targeting & economical pricing.

Testing offers under competitors’ radar.

Measurability of response rates by individual name and address.

Reach high-response groups, buying at rates 10 times higher than average established residents – no waste!



Need More Information?

We have customer service representatives available.

Still not quite sure what you need? No problem. We have a team of dedicated direct marketing specialists who are available to work one-on-one with you to create a marketing strategy that fits your specific needs and budget. Contact us via email or call us now at 800-995-3343.