Business to Business MarketingB2B Marketing.

Business to Business – Target the most relevant prospects and sales leads.

FMP Direct's General Business database is one of the largest and most selectable business files in America. This very selectable business file allows you to reach every business, professional, institution and government office in the country. With over 15,000,000 businesses available, you can target every business segment across the country using SIC codes to provide maximum targeting ability.

Acquire the perfect business leads

Find new customers using the most valuable business-to-business marketing lists available today:


• Target new business filings with the Monthly Hotline (150,000+)

• Reach small-business owners using Business Professionals at Home data.
• Build your customize marketing list. Call 1-800-995-3343 to begin today!


Higher Response RatesGet higher response rates

Update your current customer file to increase your response rates and decrease both production and postage costs by:

• Combine your multiple files into one valuable list using Merge/Purge
• Cleanse your business data to ensure address accuracy