Kids Marketing.

Kids Marketing

Development a consumer for life when you market to kids.

Children represent three different markets. In addition to the direct money that children spend (1) and the money they influence (2), children also represent another significant market and that is the future market (3). By recognizing that brand loyalties and consumer habits form when children are young, you can begin to foster and nurture a consumer relationship that will last for years to come.


At FMP Direct, we offer the opportunity to develop a more personal relationship with each child. Through the use of Kids Club programs, we can help you assemble information about your young consumers. We'll track and create customized mailing lists and data bases to target and promote your products/services to children of particular age groups, geographical locations and special interests.


Our aim is to assist you in creating brand loyalties and customers amongst children. FMP Direct is committed to helping you understand the kids market including their motivation, feelings and influences. We'll help connect you to the kid market with programs that match your specific needs.


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